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About Me

Ready to learn more about me, my philosophy, professional bio and more?
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My Story

I come from a Latin American background (born in Nicaragua but mostly raised in the U.S, and I have been back and forth between countries, there is more to that story... but that would be a telenovela series).

I became more passionate about nutrition due to my mother. You would always find her cooking up a storm in the kitchen despite holding two jobs (pretty sure I got the determination and cooking skills from her). But once she hit her early 50's she started becoming worried about her overall health. Her doctor had mentioned she should focus on improving her cholesterol levels and she wanted to do this without medications.

I became her little detective, figuring out how to bring her numbers to an optimal level, looking for answers online and finding recipes she could make. This is what drove me to learn more about nutrition, to become more health conscious, not only to help my family, but to help other families that could benefit from sound nutrition advice!

Upon finishing my MS degree in Nutrition, I knew I wanted to work in private practice. I wasn't sure how I would get there but of course my life took a turn of events. I got married, had a baby and my career was paused (by choice). Once I was ready again, I started doing health and wellness events, one on one consultations, and recently providing telehealth services as a bilingual RD working with clients that need support managing their diabetes, seeking to lose/gain weight, eat better, get more active, and prevent/manage chronic illnesses.

With the help of my supportive husband, family and friends, I am here to continue my dream to teach more people about science based nutrition and to help them practice preventative care.

I hold a deep passion for nutrition, from the science behind it, to teaching and creating recipes for the family, and debunking nutrition myths. But when I am not doing that, I do enjoy being a mom, for me it's the best job on earth!

Quick Facts

  • Married to an East Indian-Canadian 

  • Have one kiddo age 5

  • You will always find avocados and limes in my kitchen 

  • My pleasure foods include: spicy chips, wine and dark chocolate

  • Love creating Indian + Latin fusion recipes 

  • Retirement goals: Move to Spain + Live on the beach 

Sliced Avocado

My Philosophy

  • Food is meant to be enjoyed not feared!

  • You can learn to enjoy a variety of healthy foods that work for you and your taste buds.

  • Individualized nutrition is the main focus of my practice. 

  • Food is only part of the picture. I also provide guidance on other lifestyle factors that have an impact on your overall health such as exercise, sleep, hydration, and health related behaviors. 

  • Small changes eventually add up to huge results. 

  • I am not here to tell you what to do, but think of me as your teacher and as your guide in the nutrition world. You are not alone in this health journey!

*Services in English and Spanish

Professional Bio 

Arlen Marin, MS RD LD is a bilingual registered dietitian and has been providing nutritional counseling in both Spanish and English to a variety of clients in South Florida. She obtained her Masters of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition at Florida International University. She completed her clinical dietetic rotations at Jackson Memorial Hospital and Baptist Hospital in Miami, Florida. Upon completion, Arlen has worked in community nutrition, corporate wellness and in her own private practice.  Arlen has also received training in Motivational Interviewing techniques to help facilitate behavioral change when providing nutritional counseling for her clients. She currently practices mostly via virtual consultations, supporting her clients with diabetes management and prevention, weight management, healthy eating and cooking techniques.

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